I can see a little something

I can see a little something in the way he looks away
and I can feel a little burden that I don't feel everyday
He tries to make me think he doesn't notice how I stare
but he likes the way I look at him, I know the way he tosses back his hair
I can feel something that reads me when I look into his eyes
and I can tell that he would see through my special list of lies
But he'd like for me to try beacuse of how I make him smile
and I'd say anything to talk to him and stay with him for another little while

For I can feel something so smooth in the way he speakes my name
and there's something in his voice that could numb any kind of pain
And nothing have ever drawn me like the way he draws me near
for somewhere in his mouth I know are all the things I want so much to hear

2009-11-21 | 19:18:07 | Amanda | 0 Kommentarer

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